Trusted Advisors

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Trusted Advisor

We deliver onsite, remote, and dedicated support services for our customers to promote health in their environments. It’s a long-term relationship based service designed to maximize product value and consumption of Cloud technology. Our focus on Cloud migrations, deployments, and operations will help prevent problems and mitigate risk to your daily operations. We know your environment, and understand your strategic business needs and objectives. Consider us an extension of your IT staff.

  • Gain a mutual understanding of Cloud objectives and requirements.
  • Provide proactive guidance, recommendations and best practices.
  • Map customer objectives to Cloud capabilities.
  • Provide a prioritized and actionable Cloud roadmap.
Getting Started

Intro - Are you a new customer with SkyNorth? Let us build your trust. For new customers we offer 36 trusted advisor hours that can be used over 6 months.

Dedicated Trusted Advisor - Our ongoing trusted Advisor package requires a minimum agreement of 200 hours per year. A Trusted Advisor contract provides client with a named resource who will partner with them to support and address any issues encountered within your Office 365 and Azure Environment.

How can our Trusted Advisor help your company?

Defining a scope and timeline is critical to business success, and a key factor in any Deployment. We assist stakeholders in the creation of deployment goals that span from inception to completion. Once the initial deployment strategy is complete, we continue to assist throughout testing and implementation.

We provide expertise in planning, design, review, and deployment of your Microsoft solutions that meet best practice standards. We will work with your supporting staff to ensure a product that fits both IT and Business.

Partnering with our expert resources, we will help you identify and predict customer complaints and concerns before they occur, instead of simply reacting to the problem. Product limitations, capacity planning, and regular maintenance are key to ensuring that your end-users can trust and rely on your technology solution.

Do you have a need for top tier escalation support? Are you tired of waiting for a callback, or dealing with Tier1 resources? We have resources that came directly from Microsoft Support Escalations who can help you solve business workflows, daily operations, or the most technically challenging issues you face. We will help you directly through these issues, and even deploy a support plan once you have a stable foundation.

All too often, we see partners or consultants implement solutions without transferring the proper knowledge and documentation to their client. Whether it's helping your team resolve an escalated issue or implementing a new complex solution, our goal is to train and empower your staff to be successful. Your success is our success.

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