Data Protection

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Interested in Data Protection? Here are a few areas in which we can help..
Information Protection
Secure all your data with custom access control lists, and permission sets through Azure Information Protection. We can help you develop a strategy and solution that will fit any business needs as it relates to protecting your sensitive Intellectual Property. If you have a mobile workforce that needs data access on different devices, or all home-based employees we have a solution that will work for you.
Data Classification
With the amount of digital data stored in today's workplace, you will need a way to classify the different types to make securing these files a breeze. Public, Personal, Classified, or Top Secret cloud data can be configured to have an automated, seamless way to attach Information Protection policies to your files, along with watermarks that immediately identify what type of classification has been applied. If you have files that contain PII, SSN, PCI we highly recommend Data Classification to prevent leaks or spillage.
Data Loss Prevention
Does your company need to comply business standards and industry regulations for protecting sensitive information? We can assist in setting up Data Loss Protection policies that prevent leakage of sensitive information outside your company. Contact us to learn how you can identify, monitor, and automatically protect sensitive information in Office 365.
The eDiscovery process often represents 30% of the total cost of litigation. Companies that fail to produce emails/records in a timely matter can risk paying millions in sanctions and fines. We can assist in implementing an eDiscovery solution that supports the long-term viability of your organization
Data Auditing
Using Cloud App Security, we craft solutions that allow administrators to log auditing information, and automatically remediate any malicious behavior that puts your environment at risk.

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