Microsoft Azure

Interested in Azure? Here are a few areas in which we can help.
Do you have a need for replacing outdated infrastructure? We will help determine your Azure deployment goals with key stakeholders from inception to completion. Defining a scope and timeline is critical to business success, and is a key factor in our Deployment offering. After the initial deployment strategy is agreed on, we will continue to the next phases of testing and implementation.
Service Management
Do you know who your service administrators are? Do you know what permissions they have across Azure? We can help you identify and secure your Azure Service that provides a standardized set of governance policies that include Privilege Identity Management features and Service Mappings.
App Migration
Working with your team, we will assess and determine the best migration strategy. We quickly discovery all dependencies as well as form a performance baseline before and after migration.
Azure has many different features to help with securing your data, and user identities. We will help deploy these technologies to make sure your data is safe for any conditions. If you have concerns with remote access, password management, Data Classification or Data Protection, we can help develop and implement a plan that eases your concerns
Are you tired of waiting for a test environment to build, or dealing with the complexities of installing prerequisites and server software? We can help automate these tasks through the Azure Automation platform, or help ensure platform uniformity using Desired State Configuration.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
If you are using secondary stand-by hardware, outdated Tape Backups, or have any data-risk concerns we can help you migrate to the Azure Recovery Service Platform. If it's just files and folders, or machine images we can ensure you have the correct data recovery methods in place and a recovery time that meets your business needs

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