Cloud Identity

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Interested in Cloud Identities/Security? Here are a few areas in which we can help.
Same Sign-On / Single Sign-On
Tired of managing multiple accounts for different cloud services? Do you want to integrate your on-premises Active Directory identity with Office 365 or 2800+ Cloud SaaS Applications? We can help you synchronize local accounts to the cloud through our Cloud Identity solutions. This means one username, one password with all your software solutions.
If a completely seamless authentication experience is your goal, we can assist developing a federation strategy and solution that works. A fully secured modern cloud authentication can be accomplished through Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services that will eliminate time consuming and annoying login prompts.
Do you experience expensive and resource heavy costs to support a mobile, around-the-clock workforce? We can help design and configure a secured framework that empowers users to remotely manage their credentials without helpdesk tickets.
Business to Business & Business to Consumer
If you collaborate with other companies, or have a need to manage external consumer identities we have a solution for you. The Azure Active Directory B2C or B2B solutions tackle all your identity needs and allow you to consolidate user management into one area.

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